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Using the time-proven BlueWindow 9-P’s we are dogmatic about strategic positioning, integrating and unifying sales and marketing disciplines, and helping execute programs that drive preference, loyalty and retention.



Yellow Corporation

Yellow Freight System/Yellow Logistics
Yellow International/Yellow Technologies
Overland Park, Kansas

For over a decade BlueWindow thinking supported this industry-leading transportation and logistics company. Yellow Freight/Yellow Transportation/Yellow Logistics — formulated external strategy (“A World of Transportation Solutions™”) and internal alignment (“Blueprint For Change© ”) that achieved the re-positioning of Yellow as a global logistics, technology and transportation leader in the face of increased competitive threats by FedEx and UPS. Brand equity rose to $1B while annual revenues nearly tripled to $3B.
A World of LTL Solutions positioning preserved the company’s #1 market position and drove 250% growth trajectory during a period of industry restructuring and formidable global competition. Key was securing agreement by a majority of 27,000 Teamster employees to a long-term contract that served the interests of customers, shareholders and employees. The Blueprint For Change served as the framework and platform for process reengineering, corporate restructuring and strategic market repositioning. The national Industrial Transportation League cited Yellow with their “Best Marketing Campaign” and the Business Marketing Association followed with their “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign”.

Vance Means Business

Vance Publishing Corporation
Protein and Produce Divisions
Lincolnshire, IL/Lenexa, KS

With industry consolidation and diversification comes the opportunity to refocus the brand and forge a blueprint for competing in a more digital world. BlueWindow research identified “Vance Means Business” as the catalyst and new umbrella position for this 150 year old publishing company’s market position, editorial manifesto, and sales strategy.

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