Bridging the Public and Private Sectors

Democracy depends on an informed and engaged electorate.  And safe and fair elections.  So we have supported county and statewide initiatives related to the integrity and efficiency of the election process.   Where ever you stand on the policy, BlueWindow ensures it is implemented without fail.

Kansas Responsible Gambling Alliance

Kansas Coalition For Problem Gambling
Kansas Behavioral Health Services Commission
Topeka, Kansas

State licensed casino gambling has diverse stakeholders whose relationship can be best described as fragile if not contentious. But BlueWindow research, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement aligned policy-makers, problem gambling counsellors, regulators, and gaming officials around a Know Your Limits ( public awareness campaign recognized nationally as Best In Class for engaging gamblers and concerned others.

Unprecedented, breakthrough Prevalence & Attitude research, comprehensive and integrated awareness and outreach coalesced stakeholder support to connect with thousands of targeted “at risk” populations and their affected others.

The digital and traditional media stimulus, coupled with messaging modifications, have lifted response 170% year-over-year. Key value-added services have included community coalition building, stakeholder tool boxes, legislative research and media relations.

State of Kansas

Secretary of State
Elections Office
Topeka, Kansas

S.A.F.E. Act Implementation
When Kansas implemented provisions of the federal Safe And Fair Elections Act (S.A.F.E.) BlueWindow was tasked with a modestly funded public awareness campaign designed to remind voters, “Got Voter I.D.?” and proof of citizenship requirements. Around voter registration, primary election, and general election timeframes BlueWindow coordinated statewide, local, and ethnic media; retailer partnerships, events and out-of-home tactics; informational site; and outreach to targeted associations and retailers. A toolbox County Clerks and Election officials drove the initiative to the mission-critical grass-roots level.

The measure of success was the number of provisional ballots required for voters who failed to have correct documentation. The result? Point four percent (.4%). Deputy Secretary Brad Bryant characterized the campaign execution and outcomes as “near perfect as you get with elections.

Johnson County Kansas Election Office

Olathe, Kansas

Scarce and shifting polling location availability and the expense of administering elections in Kansas’ most populated county led officials to engage BlueWindow to increase the prevalence of early voting and provide polling location information to voters. Their stretch goal was 50% advance voting over a 6-year period.

The BlueWindow campaign included the centerpiece and an integrated multi-channel education and public awareness and partnership campaign that achieved the ambitious goal exceeding 50% early voting during the FIRST election cycle and earned Johnson County a coveted Stars & Stripes award for Best Partnership program.

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