Quality of Life

We are in it for life

BlueWindow works with public agencies, faith-based organizations, healthcare, civic coalitions and behavioral health alliances that are improving the lives and mitigating health issues with at risk populations.  Key is improved strategic planning, engagement and early intervention/referral systems. The approach is accountable to funders, rewarding for professionals, and the outcomes are good for people.



The Missouri Advantage

Missouri Department of Economic Development
Jefferson City, MO

For the Missouri Department of Economic Development, and Division of Community & Economic Development, articulating the benefits in compelling, executive peer-to-peer terms was the BlueWindow approach that earned unprecedented response from community partners, and relocation prospects from around the globe. “The Missouri Advantage” was understood implicitly by business leaders whose companies are headquartered there, or chose the state for significant expansion. Executed through a coordinated effort of MDED offices and strategic community alliances. Worked with Department officials and first bi-state community economic development coalition.


A Whole New Outlook On Life.

Mirror, Inc. is among the largest not-for-profit behavioral health treatment providers in the region. Mirror leadership recognized and anticipated the profound impact and opportunity represented in healthcare reform and Medicaid policy. BlueWindow has worked with their leadership to formulate a transformational BluePrint that repositions the organization into the new MIRROR INTEGRATED HEALTH. BlueWindow created a new brand position that preserves invaluable equity while positioning the organization for growth with private sector clients, health homes, and health/wellness partnerships. For Mirror and their clients, it’s “A Whole New Outlook On Life.”

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