Change For The Better

Better outcomes for persons at risk and in-transition, and at the margins to achieve their full potential and live healthy, productive and happy lives.

  • Behavioral Health Prevention
  • Youth Character and Personal Development
  • Employee Health & Wellness
  • Persons in Recovery

Improved results and accountability for managing population outcomes:

  • Managed Healthcare population & cost management
  • Strong and Safe Communities
  • Healthy, Engaged Employees
  • Workforce Development

You can see the change from here. It is clear and bright.

BlueWindow employs an “outside in, inside out” approach and closed loop strategic planning process based around wellness that is delivering outsized results for client-partners who share a vision for changing things for the better.


A conscious, deliberate process that requires awareness of, and making choices for, a more satisfying lifestyle.

Wellness is not just the absence of disease, illness, and stress, but the presence of:

  • Purpose in Life
  • Active involvement in satisfying work and play
  • Joyful relationships
  • A healthy body and living environment
  • Happiness

Adapted from Swarbrick, M. (2006). A wellness approach. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 29,(4) 311- 314

Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is valid.

But reliance on traditional institutions and structures is broad in aperture and inadequate in capacity.

BlueWindow engages targeted populations and aligns associated SPF Sectors around the  dimensions of Wellness

  • Scale proportionate to today’s risks

  • Relevant to today’s lifestyles

  • Compatible with emerging technology

BlueWindow provides the linkages between SPF Sectors and Wellness Needs

BluePrint Custom Modules

Selective Population Subgroup Health & Wellness Management System







Our proven and comprehensive BlueWindow approach and closed-loop planning process brings clarity of purpose and a BluePrint for action that illuminates and stimulates improved business, marketing and organizational capabilities, performance and outcomes.

The BlueWindow method leans on decades of successful experience across business development and marketing, constituent and employee engagement, organization development, sustainability, and strategic brand positioning. We invite collaborations with a handpicked A-Team of practice specialists that believe in our Mission and complement our in-house team.

Inside-Out / Outside-In

From the outside in: Profitable solutions that mirror market opportunities, social imperatives, and customer/constituent needs.

From the inside out: Ensure congruity between your customers’ expectations and their experience to improve your share of mind, heart, and funding.

Partnering with Kansas Insurance Commissioner – Change for the better

At the core of Blue Window is a desire to create change for the better, helping people fulfil their life’s potential, as in the case of our most recent engagement with the State of Kansas Insurance Commissioner’s Office.​

Applying the inside out, outside in philosophy, along with a BluePrint framework, Blue Window and The State of Kansas set out to make a different in the life’s of students attending the 7 different Regent universities in Kansas.​

From the stakeholders point of view, inside out, that means improved results through implementing evidence based strategies as well as improved accountability for managing these outcomes through strategic partnerships and consistent communication and agility.​

From the target population of college students point of view, outside in, that means a greater awareness of the dangers of distracted driving along with the emergence of an affinity group who pledges to hold those same values and available tools which empower them to use technology assistance to reduce distracted driving.​

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