What “Change For The Better”

has meant to our client-partners.

Food Security & Sustainability

BlueWindow enables participants across supply chains to respond to customer needs, regulatory, and marketing requirements for traceability, transparency, verification, and certification.

The immediate benefit is realized in supplier preparedness, retailer preference, market and product differentiation, value realization, risk mitigation, and brand reputation.

Business-To-Business Marketing

Using the time-proven BlueWindow 9-P’s we are dogmatic about strategic positioning,  integrating and unifying sales and marketing disciplines, and helping execute programs that drive preference, loyalty and retention.

Quality of Life

BlueWindow works with public agencies, faith-based organizations, healthcare, civic coalitions and behavioral health alliances that are improving the lives and mitigating health issues with at risk populations.  Key is improved strategic planning, engagement and early intervention/referral systems. The approach is accountable to funders, rewarding for professionals, and the outcomes are good for people.

Civics Lessons

Democracy depends on an informed and engaged electorate.  And safe and fair elections.  So we have supported county and statewide initiatives related to the integrity and efficiency of the election process.   Where ever you stand on the policy, BlueWindow ensures it is implemented without fail.

Private/Public Sectors Well Served

Agribusiness & Food Security │Agronomic │ Animal Health & Welfare │ Behavioral Health & Prevention │Cause Marketing │ Change ManagementCommodity and Packaged Food │Conservation│ Cooperatives Corporate Responsibility │Crop Protection │Digital Media Education │Faith-Based Org’sFinancial Services │Food Safety│  Economic Development │Employee Engagement │Food Supply Chains Governmental Departments & Agencies │Health & Wellness │Public Policy Initiatives│ Logistics / TransportationManufacturing & Engineering │Equipment Leasing │Not For Profits & NGO PublishingRenewable Energy Risk Management │Sustainability Initiatives │Technology

Beyond category experience

We’ve mapped the interconnectedness and served as the catalyst for industry/supply chain partnerships;  and the integration of marketing, sales, employee engagement, regulatory and investor affairs, media relations, customer relationship management, and stakeholder/constituent communications.  Some call it “connecting the dots”.

It works.

Our experience spans categories as diverse as agribusiness, public policy, energy, food, equipment sales and leasing, technology, commodity groups, telecommunications, and behavioral health.  Often we are at the center of new alliances joining representatives of more than one.


The common denominator:  economically sustainable, market driven solutions for good organizations achieving positive outcomes for people and our planet

Success Stories

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Kudos and Recognitions

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