Think holistically.  Act Holistically.

A partnership with BlueWindow is predicated on collaborations, linkage of processes, integration of data and information, and assuring a seamless continuum of activities that align production practices and data with emerging food category standards and supply chain customers’ demands.

Our bias for action and keys to success are areas of intense focus:

  • Producer Engagement in the Next Era of Sustainability: benchmarking practice prevalence and incentives to understand and drive the industry’s preparedness for the more rigorous supply chain sustainability requirements that are cascading toward the producer level. Essentially, what programs and practices can be adapted to new metrics, benchmarked, and continuous improvement?

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  • Supply Chain Coalition Building:  involvement with current and new working groups, leveraging the BlueWindow supply chain relationships and affiliations with organizations and procurement officials that directly and indirectly shape sustainability policy, practices, and downstream procurement sustainability indexes.

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  • BluePrint For Information Exchange Infrastructure:  create the roadmap for aligning prevalent farm management software and mid-ware with Field To Market and The Sustainability consortium metrics; and integration with ag data portals, supply chain stewardship networks, and food sustainability indexes.

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Contact us to discuss the BlueWindow Food, Beverage, and Agricultural panning model, Blueprint for supply chain implementation, dat flow for traceability and transparency.