BlueWindow Suite of Services

  • Catalyst for marrying energy, environmental, economic, and behavioral changes with corporate strategic planning. Blue Window has the skills and methodologies to effectively measure and report project benchmarks, project milestones, and environmental outcomes.
  • Consumer and Trade Product Attribute and Brand Preference, Price Elasticity, Demand Forecasting, Consumer Profiling, and Channel Alignment
  • Supply Chain Volumetrics and Demand Forecasting
  • Vetting and benchmarking of current Best Management Practices
  • Design, Management and Coordination of EMS and NMP Initiatives. Enlist the scientific, technical, environmental engineering, private extension, and land improvement community able to implement EMS and NMP programs at the farm, across watersheds at HUC-2 or -12 level, or other defined production units.
  • Design of standards and certification programs; and related traceability and identity preserve requirements and systems.
  • Business Development of coalition partners, scientific community, and business interests. Each initiative, from a small watershed project to food and energy systems enlists the involvement of the requisite stakeholders, expertise, influence, and resources to make real change.
  • Alignment and Leveraging current USDA, EPA and DNR programs(1); Grant Development and Administration
  • Feasibility studies and pilot project coordination
  • Communications between stakeholders and constituent groups
  • Auxiliary to organizations focused on urban waste-to-resource issues, water conservation, advanced fuels, farm-to-market initiatives. Practical, technical assistance for farmers including waste and energy audits.