Enabling Sustainability

We organize and implement private-public approaches that help supply chains answer consumer preferences, international and domestic market standards, and understand the relevant Best Management Practices and reporting capabilities.

We understand the need and accepted the challenge of developing and implementing sustainable, field-based solutions that involve these six pillars:

  • Innovation of Best Evidence-Based Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Market-Driven Incentives
  • Pursuit of Agreeable Performance Based Standards
  • SustainIQ© Information Management Resources & Tools
  • Non-Regulatory/Voluntary Producer and Manufacturer Participation
  • Program Verification: Standards and Certification Programs and related traceability and identity preserve requirements

Solutions include traceability, environmental management plans, nutrient management programs, watershed strategies, technology integration, verification/certification, and other economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Immediate benefit is realized in supplier preparedness, retailer preference, market and product differentiation, risk mitigation, and brand reputation. Our client roster will continue to be populated with the companies and producer organizations interested in achieving sustainability leadership status and the economic benefits afforded their members and stakeholders achieving first-mover status and the benefits that accrue.

BlueWindow is a cooperative business platform that enables practice specialists to plan, organize and implement environmentally responsible and economically sustainable solutions across supply chains; and integrate the continuum of necessary activities and data to coordinate project implementation, verify performance and create value for each stakeholder. Inherent in effecting change internally and in the marketplace is the provision of B2B Marketing and Business Development services; and Change Management, communications strategy and education programs.

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