Occasionally we’re able to leave the normal workplace routine behind for time with family; checking off a bucket list experience; or to relax, reflect and reassess priorities. Blending all three is efficient if not ideal.

CarolineSuch is our venture near the Pennsylvania Poconos to care for our first grandchild, Caroline, whose parents are out of the country. At just four months of age, Caroline is the picture of contentment, and why not. Every waking moment she is smothered in love and the assurance that she is safe from any adversity, and will be given every opportunity for happiness and prosperity.  Doesn’t every child deserve the same?

Think of how our civil discourse would be different if every child could sidestep the risks and avoid the pitfalls that retard productive and prosperous lives and instead felt confident in their opportunity to pursue a fulfilling life. What if every child knew and understood their life didn’t just matter but was precious and had the support and guidance they needed to pursue any ambition within their grasp and beyond? And shouldn’t we endeavor to surround every child and fill every crevice of their lives with mind-stretching, stimulating, wholesome, fun and fulfilling opportunities that leave little to chance that destructive behaviors are allowed to creep in (aka “bad choices” in today’s parenting parlance)?

So from this picturesque town on the Susquehanna River, with Caroline as my constant companion, I’ve had the respite from the urgent press of business to reflect on the focus and direction of BlueWindow. Part of each day includes preparing for an upcoming Prevention training by SAMHSA, a federal agency that I’ve come to admire and respect for the soundness of their research and programs; and their commitment to supporting sustainable community-level programs. And we’re preparing for a long anticipated meeting with a noted authority on population cluster analysis that may enable us to do a better job anticipating risks among population sub-groups and devising innovative (or resurrecting old fashioned) interventions that can change a child’s life trajectory and bend the societal and treatment cost curves.

Can we apply innovative population management approaches and develop technology applications that engage our youth and improves the troublesome state-of-the-state? That would be Change For The Better.

All to say, I’m in a perfect place right now.