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When Every Day Is A Working Holiday

Occasionally we’re able to leave the normal workplace routine behind for time with family; checking off a bucket list experience; or to relax, reflect and reassess priorities. Blending all three is efficient if not ideal.

Such is our venture near the Pennsylvania Poconos to care for our first grandchild, Caroline, whose parents are out of the country. At just four months of age, Caroline is the picture of contentment, and why not. Every waking moment she is smothered in love and the assurance that she is safe from any adversity, and will be given every opportunity for happiness and prosperity. Doesn’t every child deserve the same?

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A Thunderclap of Change

So last week was particularly exhilarating when our involvement was invited with groups across Kansas. Each is making a difference in their own right. And many are coalescing around common goals. Noteworthy was the perspective of one participant at the inaugural meeting of the PreventionWorKS Coalition in Wichita that, when these entities act in unison, a “loud Thunderclap” can be felt. What a wonderful metaphor.

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Welcome To Blue Window

Our objective at is twofold. We’ll showcase the successful outcomes of BlueWindow collaborations and have populated the site with lots of client profiles and stories that inspire. Blue-Window derives our energy from clients who are committed to improving their organizations and the life experiences of their customers and patrons. It is a privilege to serve them and a tribute to their adoption of BlueWindow strategies that inform and inspire a growing BlueWindow community that is spreading across America.

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